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SERVPRO of Milwaukie/Happy Valley Equipment

This is a look into what your house will look like while SERVPRO of Milwaukie/Happy Valley is helping dry out your residence or place of business.  These are called air movers and they work to quickly dry an area after a water loss. 

SERVPRO of Milwaukie/Happy Valley Stands Out

When you see one of SERVPRO of Milwaukie/Happy Valley's vehicles in front of a business or residence, then you know that the work being preformed is being done correctly! 

Mold in a Milwaukie Kitchen

This was mold found after a water loss in a Milwaukie home. Our technicians were able to remove the water damaged drywall that had mold on it safely. After we completed the job, this family did not have to worry about their health anymore.  

We Take Safety Seriously at SERVPRO of Milwaukie/Happy Valley

This is one of our technicians, Billy. He always makes sure that he is in in full PPE before heading into a crawlspace to inspect for water damage and mold. 

We Go Above and Beyond for Our Customers

Why choose SERVPRO of Milwaukie/Happy Valley? Because we go above and beyond for our customers. Pictured here are brand new cabinets that our water technician, Richard, was able to save from being torn out during a water loss. The customer was thrilled and so were we! 

SERVPRO of Milwaukie/Happy Valley Toy Drive

We love helping our community! Every holiday season, we team up with a local organization to help provide toys for kids in the hospital who won't be home for the holidays. 

Garage Flooding in Clackamas

This garage in Clackamas flooded after the creek overflowed from several unexpected inches of rain the night before. As you can see we were on site and got to work.

Heavy Rain Floods Church Basement

Everyone knows it rains a lot in Oregon, this church basement flooded one evening after a torrential rain. SERVPRO of Milwaukie Happy Valley was called and responded with in an hour.


Here at SERVPRO of Milwaukie Happy Valley, we will take the time to save your home. In this picture you will see our injectidry system set up. This is the least invasive set up to save the drywall in your home. 

Water In Crawlspace

Water in the crawlspace can be a mysterious thing. In this picture you will see the damage that water can truly do. Call SERVPRO of Milwaukie Happy Valley for your crawlspace inspection. 

Mold plays peek a boo

Never underestimate the power of your gut feeling when your child is getting sick and you can't find a reason. In this photo you will see the mold that was found underneath insulation in the attic. 

Mold in Crawlspace

Long term mold damage in the crawlspace of your home can cause severe dry rot as well as the damage the mold itself is causing. Call SERVPRO of Milwaukie Happy Valley today and have your crawlspace inspected.

House fire in Milwaukie

This house fire in Milwaukie started in the garage due to oil and car parts. It extended out onto the vehicle parked in the drive way. 

Just a quick reminder to always clean up oil.

Cleaning the fireplace gone wrong

Cleaning your fireplace is a good thing, but you always want to make sure you have no hot coals. Make sure the fire is completely out before doing so. 

In this picture you will see what happens when you clean your fireplace out too soon. 

Commercial Church

Disaster can happen anywhere, even in a church. In this picture you will see a local church in Clackamas had a water damage in the school of their church. 

SERVPRO of Milwaukie Happy Valley is faster to any size disaster.

Crawlspace disaster

This is the crawlspace of a local health care facility. Sewage pipe broke underneath and the facilities manager called SERVPRO of Milwaukie Happy Valley immediately. We were on site within 30 minutes to help out this facility. We had them back up and running with in days. 

Snowy Conditions

Lets face it, when it snows in Oregon nobody is truly prepared. So, when roads get slippery accidents happen. When a car comes flying through the front of your house, call SERVPRO of Milwaukie/ Happy Valley.

Oregon winds

Oregon gets windy at times especially on the coast. Windy conditions call for hectic situations. When a tree falls on your house, your window gets blown out, or objects from your neighbors car come flying through your front window.. Call SERVPRO of Milwaukie/ Happy Valley.

Frozen pipe

It's that time of year again, the temperatures drop, the wind blows harder, and colder making it harder to for water to pass through your pipes. When water freezes, its molecules crystallize into an open hexagonal form, which takes up more space than when the molecules are in their liquid form that is, the water molecules expand as they freeze. As the ice expands, it pushes water toward the closed faucet making it impossible for water to pass through. Call SERVPRO of Milwaukie/ Happy Valley, we are always here to help!

Ice dam

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow (water) from draining off the roof. The water that backs up behind the dam can leak into a home and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas. Repairs for roof damage, interior water leaks, damage to walls and insulation, floors, window casings, and removal of icedams and snow that caused these and other damages will be covered by your homeowners insurance policy, subject of course to a deductible. Call SERVPRO of Milwaukie/ Happy Valley, were always here to help.

Microwave Fire

Microwave fires are extremely common and can happen for various of reasons:

Metal scraps in microwave:A small metal piece is enough to cause a spark inside your microwave. For example you may have cleaned the microwave with steel wool and left behind some metal scrap from the wool.

Damaged wave guide cover: It is very common that during cooking, some food particles and grease escape the food and stick to the wave guide. 

Damaged rack support: Some microwaves have a rack supports, which is a hook like part . If the microwave is sparking near one of the support rack, this means that the paint on the rack has worn out.

Kitchen Fire

Kitchen fires are more common than you think common causes of a kitchen fire are:

  • Too high temperature in the fryer.
  • Vegetable, more flammable, oils.
  • Old, more flammable oil, in the deep fryer.
  • Fat deposits in the flue and ventilation ducts.
  • Misalignment sprinklers due to equipment moved around.
  • Clogged melting links of the sprinklers leading to impaired function.

Call SERVPRO of Milwaukie/ Happy Valley at 503-652-3997 if you have a fire damage, our techs are trained not only in fire clean-up but can deep clean your stove to help prevent any fires in the future. Were ALWAYS here to help!

First resort

Poking holes in the drywall is usually how we try to dry out a damage first. That is if it is an interior wall and the damage is a cat 1. If not then we tear out the affected area.

Carpet cleaning- Commercial

We clean carpets!!! even in commercial buildings, usually carpet cleaning is a requirement after we restore your home/company depending on the category of the damage. We clean carpets even if no damage has occurred!


Once drywall is wet the paint will start to bubble and sometimes peel. When the paint starts to bubble like in the picture below, usually once repairs are ready to go they will end up painting the whole room again since repairing just that area will cost more than fresh paint.

What your crawlspace looks like

Usually when you have a water damage on the main level of a home there is a crawlspace underneath. This is what your crawlspace will look like after a water damage. The beams underneath will be soaked as well as insulation. 

Swollen Baseboards

If your baseboards look like the picture below, chances are you've had a water damage that has not been taken care of. Majority of baseboards are not real wood but actually OSB type material.

Concrete reading high

Concrete can get wet too. Even though it is not a highly porous material, it has enough holes that water will find its way in between. It is extremely easy to dry out concrete even if it is reading 999.

Moldy Bathroom

Mold will grow anywhere at anytime. In the picture below, the surrounding walls were covered in mold. Bathrooms are an easier place for mold to grow because there is usually not very much ventilation. You will usually find mold behind toilets, or shower surrounds.  

Holy Mold!

Mold can grow extremely easy, in the picture below there was a water leak that was left sitting for quit awhile. Once mold reaches that amount of sq it is considered a complete gut job. 

What's that smell?

Smell a funky smell but you've cleaned house and still cant find the source? It is possible the smell could be coming from your crawlspace. When pipes under your house break it is extremely hard to tell until it starts to stink, doing monthly crawlspace inspections whether it be by you or a company should help prevent having to smell the aftermath.

Water Damage- Commercial

This was the aftermath of a pipe leak. It does not take long for drywall to be completely saturated, once wet, drywall becomes soggy which can then lead to safety hazards if not handled properly. 

Smoke webs

After a heavy fire, or smoke event, it is very common to find smoke webs up near the ceiling in your home. Don't hesitate to call SERVPRO of Milwaukie Happy Valley. We are always here to help!

Mold Strikes Again!

Some homeowners don't know what to do when they have a water damage, this is what can happen if the damage is not corrected with a sense of urgency.

Don't let mold ruin your day!

This was in a bathroom of an apartment unit, we removed the vanity and this is what we found. Luckily, we were able to remediate it within a short time.

Kitchen Fire

This is the aftermath of a kitchen fire.  As you can see a fire in your home can be devastating, but we are always here to help! 24/7 365 days a year! 

Halloween in Happy Valley

The beatings will continue until morale improves!!

Here at SERVPRO of Milwaukie/Happy Valley, we know how to have fun! We enjoy every day and we have fun with our employees.

10 Years in Business!

SERVPRO of Milwaukie/Happy Valley just celebrated their 10th year of business!


Sue is the bell of the ball at our annual customer appreciation BBQ. Her SERVPRO diva sunglasses and tiara are just as awesome as she is!